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Have you ever found yourself practising for hours every day, only to feel unable to express yourself on the instrument?

Have you ever learned lick after lick after lick, only to find that your solos sound like anybody else out there?

Have you ever wanted to stand out from the crowd, but couldn't figure out how?
I sure have. When I was starting out as a guitar player many years ago, I was pondering those same issues. I would learn all the techniques that I could, I would practise for hours every day and I was obsessed with getting better.

But so often, I would feel stuck. I would end up sitting alone in my practice room, feeling depressed and demotivated. I just couldn't quite figure out how to turn all that knowledge and all that technique into music that I liked, into ideas that were exciting, into guitar solos that made me FEEL something.
I tried anything and everything to be finally able to communicate to the world the sounds that I was hearing in my head.
Today, more than a decade later, I can honestly say that I've accomplished most of my creative goals as a musician and guitar player. I've developed a sound and playing style that is completely my own. I've mastered the art of the guitar solo, have worked on over a hundred releases of music and brought the fretless guitar to extreme metal and progressive rock. I've taught hundreds of students in person and in my masterclass around the globe.
And now it's time to share with you the knowledge that I've accumulated: my knowlege about the guitar, about cutting-edge playing-techniques, about creative expression and about creating a unique style.
Enter "Augmented Reality"!
For the first time in my career, I'm giving the wider public access to the tricks and tools that I personally used to create my unique playing style - and the mindsets that you'll need in order to accomplish the same. With a combination of advanced physical techniques and mental flexibility, this course will help you to achieve your creative goals as a musician and take your guitar playing to the next level!
The next level of creativity, excellence and confidence.
On top of that, the premium package will give you unparalled insight into my recorded work, as you'll be able to learn, analyse and internalize no less than 12 different guitar solos of mine, spanning my entire career from Fountainhead to Obscura to some of my favorite guest solos. This will enable you to "connect the dots" from the techniques that you'll learn in the standard package, to real-world situations, which will help you to create your own tricks and variations - and will give you tons of classic Fountainhead licks to add to your arsenal.
I even added a couple of brand-new solos from the upcoming Amogh Symphony album that nobody outside of the band has heard thus far. And you're getting them all in audio, video, pdf and guitar pro formats, along with backing tracks and isolated guitar stems. It really is the full package.
But that's not all...

My team and I have added several hours worth of exclusive interview footage that will take you even deeper into my creative process and my views on music, creativity, technique, gear and the music business.

And for the most dedicated of you, who have been following my work for many years, I'm throwing in a brand new release of re-mixed, re-recorded & re-mastered Fountainhead material, a 30 minute online coaching call with me and free CDs and posters for the first 10 orders.
This is the time for you to join me in my quest to bring electric guitar playing into the future!
Tom Fountainhead
Augmented Reality
standard package
premium package
10-part Hybrid picking course video + tabulature 10-part Hybrid picking course video + tabulature
10-part Horizontal playing course video + tabulature 10-part Horizontal playing course video + tabulature
10-part Videogame tapping course video + tabulature 10-part Videogame tapping course video + tabulature
4-part "Akroasis" lead guitar course + analysis & transcription 4-part "Akroasis" lead guitar course + analysis & transcription
"Ascension" guitar solo + analysis & transcription "Ascension" guitar solo + analysis & transcription
"Ascension" & "Akroasis" full live performances + backing tracks "Ascension" & "Akroasis" full live performances + backing tracks
almost 3 hours of exclusive interview content
11 guitar solos transcribed + video demonstrations, backing tracks & isolated guitar stems
2 bonus isolated solos
a 30 minute skype/FB/zoom consultation with Tom
free "Fountainhead ReMixed/ReMastered" EP
free autographed CD + poster for the first 10 orders
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